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Sep 14

Sep 7

Ten Things I’ve Learned About Fashion (Amended)

1. Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale.

2. If you really love an item, buy it. I’ve tried to play the waiting game in an effort to save a buck. Of course by the time said item is on sale they are normally out of my size.

3. Spend money on things that will always fit – i.e., purses watches and shoes. No matter how much weight you gain or lose, both of these items will always fit. If you are going to fork out an obscene amount of cash on fashion, best to do it on shoes and purses watches rather than that trendy pair of pants that will only work for a season or two.

4. Keep an organized closet and at least twice a year go through it, organize, donate, figure out what you need, what you don’t need, and buy only what you really need.

5. There is absolutely no reason to keep items that you will never fit into again. And even if you can fit into them again, are you really going to want to wear them? No, probably not. You are going to go shopping and buy a boatload of new things to fit your new body. Be realistic about your size.

6. When in doubt, go up a size. I’ve spent too much money on items that “just fit” with the mindset that I would lose five pounds. Well, I didn’t lose five pounds. I gained five pounds and now those items are sitting in my closet, and I’m hoping I’ll get into them again. See number 5.

7. If you want to hop on the latest trend, don’t spend a lot of money to do so. You can find great trendy items on the cheap at stores like H&M, Marshall’s, and TJ Maxx. Unless you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket, there is no reason to spend a lot on something that will be in style for only one season.

8. No matter how much you like it, you don’t need one in every color. See number 4. Be realistic and buy only what you need and only what you will wear. 

9. Be realistic about whether you will wear an item before purchasing.

10. Find out what styles and cuts look good on you and buy only those. Be honest with yourself. Accept it and buy what does work for you, and what looks good on you.

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Nike Victory Stripe

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Crazy (Cover) by Daniela Andrade

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